Steampunk Tabletop RPGS

warmachine1I love board games. I even went to a board game cafe for my birthday. I’ve been toying with the idea with looking into steampunk miniature games. Taking your army or heroes through fun terrain, at home, and playing out incredible inventions. From a writer’s point of view, this is such a fun and visual way to play out stories. So, this is a collection of steampunk games to check out.


warmachine2My brother introduced me to this. Warhammer meets proper steampunk. Monstrous steampowered War Jacks, huge weapons, monsters and more. I’ve watched a game played out on Youtube, and it looks like a riot to play. The miniatures look gorgeous, and throwing magic into the mix, well, it looks great.



What beautiful beautiful miniatures. Instead of an army, you use a small crew. This is far more character driven than Warmachine. This has a great horror, victorian steampunk feel to it. With beautiful beautiful art. Here’s a great run through to explain what is going on here. What makes this super interesting is there is no dice. It’s all done with cards, and trying to up the other player, using their stats. Very cool, very original.



This one really gets into the characters, with a little more D and D to it. This can have a Game Master, throw dice, throw cards, and with tons of abilities… safe to say this is one of the more complex ones, but has so much room to create epic stories, with really interesting characters. There’s a Yotube video which gives you a good overview.



Checked out these games? What would you recommend? Something not here? Tephra, Twisted or something else?

Vintage Tomorrows

An actual documentary on Steampunk? Yes please.

What’s it about?

“Steampunk” started as a sub-genre of science fiction typified by a fascination with steam-powered machinery and alternative histories, with stories frequently set in Victorian England. Today, Steampunk has grown into an aesthetic movement all its own, with influence in art, fashion, design and music.

VINTAGE TOMORROWS examines the subculture via interviews with the writers and artists credited with galvanizing the movement, and the cultural historians and social scientists investigating the phenomenon. The documentary analyzes the spike in Steampunk cultural activity and poses the question: What can Steampunk tell us about history, humanity and our complicated relationship with technology?” from their website.

My Thoughts

I was surprised when I’m flicking through Netflix to not just spot something on steampunk, but an actual documentary. It’s a well put together piece, with interviews with authors like Gail Carriger and China Miéville, to makers, and musicians like Abney Park, to bloggers like The Airship Ambassador.

It asked questions about the genre, what is steampunk, what they love about the genre, and what I particularly liked, the horrors of Victorian times and should we be ignoring, or how to accept it.

Apart from interviews, there’s lots of shots of people dressed up in the steampunk gear, amazing shots of steampunk creations both small and large, and a fitting ending.

A really interesting look into everything steampunk. Worth checking out.